Brides The Show Preview VIP Night – Battersea Evolution

I was lucky enough to be invited along to Brides The Show at Battersea Evolution with my very talented cake buddy Sada from Flutterby Bakery. With friends and superb suppliers exhibiting, some from Kent, Sussex and London including Emma Tindley Couture, The Gallivant Hotel, Matt Maurice, Hamish from Eternal Imaging and Emma Drew from Cake Maison.  We met up at the venue, where  Joan Collins had just arrived to open the Iconic Wedding Dress Exhibition, where her lilac wedding dress was also on display, created by the costume designers from Dynasty.  She just looked amazing, as ever!

Such a  fantastic display of famous wedding dresses, including Cilla Black’s iconic styled mini dress with gorgeous ivory feathered collar and cuffs, Darcy Bussell’s frilled collar and cuff gown, Fergie from Black Eyed Peas dress which fitted her stunning figure like a glove and Sarah Ferguson’s heavily bumble bee beaded gown to name but a few – all displayed beautifully beneath an incredible umbrella of white wisteria – an absolutely stunning and romantic effect (also used on the catwalk) by Palmbrokers, so clever, delicate and artistic.

It was really interesting being on “the other side” at a wedding show – As an exhibitor myself, I’m normally the one helping out with cake questions, asking when wedding dates are listening to the ideas flowing from brides,  getting my sketch book out, but Sada and I were approached many times asking which one of us was getting married? would we like to win a luxury holiday? did we have our venue booked yet? and all of this with champagne in hand made for a jolly relaxing evening.

It was lovely to catch up with Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium – she had judged me (and announced me winner!) at last year’s Cake & Bake Show at Earl’s Court in the live professional cake decorating competition so we had a good old cake natter.

Another highlight for us both were the team from IdeasBox with their tricycles, our favourite being the cheese tricycle, so stylishly and simply presented, a wonderful cheese selection served on slate platters with fresh fruit and scrumptious looking pickles, chutneys and crackers, a really great idea – although the Pimms bike came a close second!

Time to sit and relax as the catwalk show was opened by Matt Goss, now crooning Bublesque style and very nice it was too.So many beautiful dresses (and the little bridesmaids were just brilliant, having fun and enjoying their time to shine).  The different laces on the dresses just inspire me so much to create new cake designs, I think I may have had eyes like saucers!   So lovely to see our friend Emma Tindley’s dresses float up and down the catwalk, they were stunning – we could hardly get to see her afterwards she was so busy with enquiries!

I think what struck me most and really stood out about this show were the absolutely stunning floral displays, not only the ones from Palmbrokers but By Appointment Only Design – we had a chat with Tony, their Creative Director who pointed us in the direction of the flower wall at the entrance of the Iconic Dress Exhibition, where he singled out the Ritz rose to smell – absolutely delicious and bringing back childhood memories in a flash.

They had also created these stunning displays at the Champagne bar, soft dusky pinks with a hint of gold lustre, just beautiful.Mary Jane Vaughan also had a really beautiful stand, it must have been so much work – so many flowers – with gorgeous glass wear and soft candle lighting balancing it all out, aren’t the colours all just perfect?So, we came away with our heads full of incredible weddingness, ideas and inspiration which is just how a show should be.  I’ve no doubt the exhibitors will have had a fantastic weekend, probably still recovering from such hard work.  Thank you to Sada for inviting me along and for chatting cakes all evening with me – a really great night out.  Liz x

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