Let’s Get Naked!

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Naked” or “un-iced” wedding cakes certainly took off last year and are still proving to be an extremely popular trend this summer to0 – they lend themselves so well to any setting either the rustic, relaxed and unfussy feel of a marquee, barn or village hall setting where they can be set on a beautiful decorated tree trunk or today’s wedding, where the cake was set up at the beautiful The George in Rye in Sussex with the gorgeous florals from Florist in the Forest which tied in to the decor beautifully.

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Although simplistic and informal, I’ve never seen two the same, their decoration, whether flowers or fruit or both, with or without a dusting of sugar or a thin, subtle layer of soft buttercream or some ombre buttercream, makes them truly stand out and make a statement at a wedding.


As soon as you set eyes on the finished cake, you just want to dive in to its scrumptious freshness!  The tiers can be any flavour you like, feel free to mix it up – or just go strawberries and cream.



Ensure that your cakemaker is happy to create this for you – it should be freshly baked and moist.  Some clients have been concerned that the cake will be “stale” by the time it is served.  This certainly shouldn’t be the case if your cake designer has freshly baked the cake and stored it correctly prior to it being set up – it should be as fresh as possible.  Consider too the time of year and venue, for example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to set up a fresh strawberries and cream naked cake in a marquee at the height of summer at 9.00am for a 3.00pm wedding – again, something your cake designer will advise you on.

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I always liaise directly with florists regarding the flowers to be used – just be aware of any that may be toxic that should not be used and that stems are wrapped where they may be in contact with the sponge.  Your cake should still have the correct internal support that a traditional cake would have so check with your cake designer how they will be stacking and supporting it internally – the last thing you want in a warm venue is your cake listing like the Leaning Tower of Pisa because it hasn’t been constructed properly.  A really delicious and enticing alternative to the more formal, traditional style wedding cake and always popular.


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