Market Trader for A Day – Stoke Newington, London

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As some of you already know my Dad Phil Hook is in partnership with my brother Stephen Hook and together they trade as Hook and Son, based in Hailsham, East Sussex where they have their organic dairy herd producing raw organic milk, cream, butter, buttermilk, and ghee – well today it was a bit of  Hook & Daughter as I joined Dad on his weekly trip to Stoke Newington Market to sell his wares.

Dad usually arrives just before the market opens at 10.00am, then drives his van straight in to his trading spot and sets up, which is easier as by then all the other market traders have finished setting out their stalls.  We kicked off at 10.00am sharp with our stand all good to go and customers at the ready with their wallets and purses.  Many of the customers are regulars, some pre-order their milk and butter ready to pick straight up at the market.  Dad also supplies all the milk to the coffee bar which is set up next door, they took 29 pints from Dad today – so many customers buying a latte, sitting and drinking in the sunshine, soaking up the atmosphere.  I had a wander around the stalls and made a few purchases myself.  It really was fantastic to see great, fresh, well produced food and so many people buying and enjoying it, asking what can be made with various products, recipe ideas and so on.  An interesting day, tiring to be on my feet all day but a joy to watch my Dad at work, having some market banter with his customers and fellow traders.  I felt proud to be at his side and see how far him and Stephen have brought their milk and now other dairy products too over the last few years – that so many people can now enjoy it too.  I’ve drunk the milk all my life and brought my children up on it, so can vouch for it being the right stuff.   The buttermilk makes fantastic scones!  I hope the following images give you a good flavour of the day – here’s a list of many of the suppliers – if you want to find out more about any of them. From what I saw (and tasted) today, I would recommend them all – the best mushroom sandwich I’ve ever had! Liz x


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