Keith & Simon, Private Venue, East Sussex (Wedding June 2019)

Liz Chatfield of Sylvia’s Kitchen is a cake maker and designer to rival the very best. I met Liz earlier this year for a wedding cake consultation. We started by tasting the cake options, which were absolutely delicious, really the very best, Liz then asked me to talk about my design ideas and said that she would sketch the cake as we talked. She asked me many questions during this process and not just about the cakes design. Questions about my partner and the things we loved. I had imagined the cake in my mind for a very long time but I could not quite transfer those thoughts to paper. Suddenly after Liz’s artful questioning, there it was on the paper in front of me. Liz had designed my dream cake. The wedding was going to be very special and now we had a cake to match. I hadn’t consulted my husband as I wanted it to be a surprise for him. So then I started to worry. Would the detail be fine enough, would it be precision straight, would it fit the family cake stand, and would it taste as if it were baked that morning. Liz reassured me that all was good and that it would be beautiful. “call me any time with any questions” and she meant it. So the wedding day came and Liz arrived with the cake. My partner and I came into the marquee where the caterers, staff, crew, photographers, and family members were all working away. The place came to an absolute standstill and there were genuine gasps of amazement, not mention tears all round. Who knew a cake could be so important, and have such an impact. The cake was utterly beautiful and far exceeded my ridiculously high expectations. It was a very personal cake with a lot of family symbolism and details of our lives together weaved into it. Exquisite, intricate, immaculately detailed decoration, with piping and sugar work you would not believe. The cake was made up of four tiers, each of a different flavour and of course it tasted truly delicious. “as though it was baked that morning” It also stayed fresh for several days. This cake was so delicious it could have easily been served as the dessert at the lunch. My initial cake search was with the top London makers, but a friend sent me a link to Sylvia’s Kitchen, and once I met the adorable Liz I never looked back. Her standard of work, total commitment, level of detail, and complete understanding of what it is the client wants, is second to none. I would even go as far as to say that Liz is better than most of those Mayfair Cake Makers, several of whom I have used for other events. Liz, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating the most beautiful centrepiece to our wedding. It will never be forgotten, nor will you. Keith Honhold-Beresford Dalzell & Beresford Limited London