Lourdes & David Elliott (Wedding, Gildredge Manor, Eastbourne, East Sussex) May 2016

Dear Liz, Thank you so so much for our perfect wedding cake it was stunning and better than we could have imagined. There are cakes and then there are cakes. Cakes are more than mere sponge, cream, jam or sugar. When choosing any cake they reflect both the aesthetic taste of both the chooser and the cake maker and it is often difficult to “marry” the two. Our wedding cake was sublime, it was truly a candy for the eye. Liz’s eye for detail and her vision surpassed our own and our cake was delivered to us much better than we had imagined.  We loved the details of skulls they were amazing. Everybody enjoyed eating it and commented on how gorgeous it was.  She is as beautiful to work with as her cakes are as beautiful to eat. For the love of cake, thank you Liz for such a spectacular cake and for your contribution to our special day. Let them eat cake from Sylvia’s kitchen for many years to come. Thank you so so much, Best wishes Lourdes and David Xxx